New Work 1:

Three Sisters 6

Poetry 2


Sunday Morning in Vermont,

A Mare,

The English Florist of Avignon,

A Girl in Love,

Coffee by the Pot,

The Sweet Bouquet,

Clearing the Air,

Memories of Harvard Square,

Yellow Crocus,

Coffee with Extra Cream,

For My Young Lady Charlotte,

Fields of French Sunflowers,

Memories of Times Past,

Poem with more Precious Stones,

That Mona Lisa Smile,

The Fall of the Old Man of the Mountain,

The Making of an American River,

Yellow Trains,

"Today a Black Cat in the Backyard,"


A Thoroughbred Horse,

A Giant,

Who Can Say; Who Can Tell? (aka. Who.... Can-t-elle?),

Les Feuilles,


The Leafing of the Leaves,

The Shipwreck,

A White Page

A Magic Kaleidoscope II

Poetry 3: 

Lead, Led, Laide

Autumn Leaves

Was Hagar a Lesbian?

My God

Discerning a Floral Presence

The Operation Not Yet Performed

Mark Strand 6

A Church Wedding XI

The Book of Hagar

Acknowledgements for Satan

The Song of Hagar 1

The Love Song of A. B. Hagar Jr

The Rape of  Hagar

The Innocence of the Flower

A Horse or a Slave

Blue & Gray

A Paternal Suit

French Lessons

An Urban Myth

The Nocturnes of Chopin

Ich Bin Ein Parisien

A New Symmetry

Symmetry V

Aural Presence 2

The Making of an Aural Presence 5

Defending Herr Baudelaire


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Kurt Cobain & Nirvana


Un cheval de race by Charles Baudelaire

La Geante by Charles Baudelaire

La Belle Dorothee by Charles Baudelaire

Un cheval de race (interpreted) by Charles Baudelaire

Les Bijoux by Charles Baudelaire

Le Gateau by Charles Baudelaire

Les Fenetres by Charles Baudelaire


A Modern Her Story

An American in Paris

Baudelaire in Slavery

A Highlight Collection:

Cheap Chocolate

The Kitchen Pantry

A Holiday Sonnet

A Holiday Sonnet II

Looms IV

Looms VIII

The Beginning II

A Bouquet of Cut Flowers

The Green Garden III

It’s Wonderful!

Sexual Auras

The Marriage of Pursuit with Happiness

Paul Coffey: Bruin Coffee

Brewin’ Coffee

Aunt Philly

Mothers & Fathers in Pairs

Marriage Equality II

Charlie Brown

Holy Water

Honey II

“Might the Flowers…”

O Little Girl III

A Female Garçon II

The End of the Day

The Holiday Tree

My Firestone

Angel’s Heaven Scent (aka. He Smells Teen Spirit)

Her Anger

Denial of Race II

A Little Boy

The Affirmation I

The Affirmation II

An International Location

“A Stage Left Open…”

A Yellow Violet

A poem in 11 parts

A highlight collection 2

The Cardinal

Edith at the Market

A Lay

World War III

Hagar Frees the Slaves!

Yellow Missives

New Year's Eve



The Song of Hagar

The Song of Hagar 3

Burying Baudelaire

Sepulture by Charles Baudelaire

La Fin de la journee by Charles Baudelaire



​Sunday Morning in the Park