Lenore (Aka. Lenore du Nord)
                                                             --For Sven Birkerts 

Edgar understood the aural dimension
of how to reed the tenor of the nation:
The Love & Times of an American Slave. 
A Life in chains, then linked wholly to the land,
flowers & shame, so that all could understand,
although few would care to read anything more... 
He was briefly & quietly emboldened
perhaps through the making of a new poem, 
to tell the world that,  sadly, "something was wrong." 

Le Nord  was The North of our modern French lore,

bore a complicity not to be ignored, 
an accomplice; crimes against humanity.
& as his work as an editor progressed, 
his success as a writer we now confess 
fishes for an ephemeral profession.

Where we go from here is anybody's guess,

As who knew?  We knew, yes oui nous for the best,
& get some sleep now for you all know the rest...