New Work 1

Black Coffee & Sunflowers

Mother would understand.
It's time to take a stand...
I remember Vermont.  
I remember the Montreal 
Jazz Festival at night
a light delight and delicious.
The spilling of seed,
a time of the reed,
a guitar moment in space,
As the race to find black coffee
takes a break with sugar & cream,
The sunflower heads drowsy 
without sleep, a putting to bed
the fertilized water.
Do what you can,
and do what you can
opening jars of marmalade
and putting the bottles away.
Dad would understand.

Black Coffee

Preferring it 
with cream & sugar
the architect 
prefers not to pee,
No facilities
at the job site.


Like a scarecrow,
the sunflower 
seems to know,
how to keep 
the birds, 
the crows away. 
With stately height
the flower might
know how to stand
up straight.  
Wieners wilt 
just thinking about it!

Lesbos 1 

"That female island."
Vineyard of the Heavens,
a solitary place
the wine of days.
Happy bay windows,
the latch and the lay
a brown & black bay
the horse of today,
As Lesbos waits patiently
beside the harbor,
A City Upon a Hill
A horse of course 
lays an egg
of swan's beak's passion or will.

Lesbos 2

"That female island."
Vineyard Haven
and total annihilation
the sunny side of the street.
Romance entranced & enthralled.
A stepping out of the ball
of cake
in a wake of seafoam & Gloria.
The horse is getting away
that seems okay
with us.
A must of perfumed distinction,
the cusp of the cuff
and a fire of extinction we trust.

Lesbos 3

There is a bay in the water
there is a harbor in the bay
a bay in the water
a stay.
A horse of a different mare,
a state of being okay,
the horse of the sea
a mare, a mare, a mare.
With tiers and tears an ocean is filled
of horse, we do say,
the overboard, the cast away
a new day dawning yesterday.
The catalyst a flower of evil
the flower an island People.

Lesbos 4

Flowers of evil 
& flowers of colza rape,
the children happy & gay.
An Angel Pie Poohsky Bear
the Merry maids are here
Saturated carpet bombing.
The air is full of dust.
Must we discuss this now!
And how!  A token gesture,
the whole measure  a must
& a busload of nuns.
None other than the heir
to the name Poet of Greece
could make fair the passion he dare speak.