The Song of Hagar 3 
So little is known, we travel by faith,
cross our hearts & pray for escape...
from the flames of fiery Hell, who can tell?
who can tell?  Who will tell... her-story.
Hagar was born of a royal birth,
as presumed the rights of a Holy Queen,
& the state of grace that she overheard
from elder ladies on her mother's court scenery,
A childhood lost to the Egyptian desert,
she was found by Sarah & Abraham,
brought into the Jewish family,
to tend to the wife's wishes or demands...
A servant girl, a quiet grrrl, the desirous
partner in sisterhood,
as Abraham came to understand
his wife was in fact "infertile..."
Lamenting the loss of an unborn child.
Coming around after a while,
Sarah compliant with His wishes,
that Hagar bear for him a son.
Son of a gun...
A girl on the run...
A passage to India.
Where she is from, nobody knows,
her wanderings in the Egyptian desert
offer a clue,
What to do, does it matter, now,
she is here among us of that crowd,
an upbringing of regal dimensions,
the relation of royal inheritance...
The partner in pride, she stood by his side,
when he first called her "daughter,"
a gaie and happy girl
                                  soon to be a mother,
Hagar frees the slaves!
Not an everyday occurrence,
the promise of paternal love
to protect our common humanity.
Hagar & Abraham
came to understand
a child was necessary
to finish what they began.
As co-equal Creator of paternal love,
she too is equal partner in birth,
the history unearthed,
& a future polity expanded.
As the daily chores bring Hagar around
to baking the bread of Peace,
the elders do gather round
to await the pregnancy,
The piece of bread did garner comment,
as she baked harmoniously,
a song of love in her heart,
the distance a memory.
With Ishmael the circle is complete,
a child of peace to shepherd sheep,
the mother Hagar now fast asleep
in the colors red & yellow.
Green disguise of orbital soul,
the child is born a rebel;
fashioning fear on schedule
the birth of a brother heir.
But for now the birth is free & easy,
Her labor intense, a quiet riot,
as child fell into her lap,
a dance of angel hair... in the Diet.
As physical expression of the compact,
the two will be as One;
Ishmael the child & the Son,
A free & equal man.
So with harmonies heaven presented,
(the garden now being floral scented),
an arrival in the early morning
of the afternoon sun.   
This is the Truth according to Hagar
"I pick things up and I put things down."
This is the Truth according to Hagar
"I pick things up and I put things down."